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Project : 3 Bruder

Description : It is a children clothing brand and the clients asked for a logo that is funky and expressive! A logo with a pictorial representation of the brand.

Project : Red River Fence

Description : The firm demanded a simplistic logo that could represent the company's objective of protecting the property of their clients. That is what the logo shows!

Project : Cozy Cottage

Description : The first image that came to our mind when we heard the term 'cozy cottage' was somewhat like this. A simple yet appropriate logo for a firm that provides shelter.

Project : The Rainbow Tree

Description : In a logo designing competition for The Rainbow Tree, our designers came up with this logo to steal the show.

Project : SC Real Estate Mamas

Description : The real estate industry is known to be a male dominated one. Breaking the stereotypes is SC Real Estate Mamas! A catchy illustration for the firm is here.

Project : Kameleon

Description : A jewellery firm that takes inspiration from the nature itself. A geometric chameleon representing the precision involved in the craft of jewellery designing.

Project : Home Grown

Description : Another self explanatory logo for a firm that builds backyard gardens. An illustration that is innovative and expressive at the same time.

Project : Robinson Real Estate Consultants

Description : An authentic logo with a quick look into the services offered by the company i.e. brokerage, valuation, auction and consultation.

Project : Billerica

Description : One of our favorite logos designed for Billerica Recreation Department. A bright colorful logo as cheerful as a day out with them!

Project : Heart Prop

Description : It’s very important to love the place you live. That is what the company believes in. The logo aims at portraying the company’s vision.

Project : Ohio Ocean Foundation

Description : Another design created by our designers that was chosen as the best among hundreds of logo designs competing for the winning spot in a contest held by Ohio Ocean Foundation.

Project : Black Dahlia

Description : What image comes to your mind when you read the term "Black Dahlia"? A dark color scheme and a bold font over the top, result in a catchy logo to represent this Costa Rica based company!

Project : HelloTalk

Description : HelloTalk is an application that enables you to learn any language through mere chatting with native speakers. The different colors of the world come together under this platform and that is what exactly our logo portrays!

Project : Inspire Dental

Description : A smile is what represents an individual and a logo is what represents a brand. An aesthetic logo with a pacifying color scheme is what the client asked for and this is what we presented to him!

Project : Destination Ag

Description : A silhouette of two children taking care of a sapling. An illustration representing the foundation of a new initiative.

Project : Absolute Consulting Solutions

Description : This company offers consulting solutions across the globe. The orbit aims at portraying the same vision.

Project : Piccino

Description : Our client demanded a logo that would showcase care and affection. This is what our designers had to present.

Project : CobraKing

Description : A classy yet powerful logo that represents this business investment company that aims at helping people for the fulfilment of their dreams.

Project : Qawar & Koseian

Description : The clients wanted a logo that would not make the viewer question the company’s business. Doesn’t this logo portray real estate pretty clearly?

Project : Aquaholics

Description : Going by the tagline of the brand - "Live for the water", nothing other than a fish realises the importance of the most essential element for the survival for all the living beings on the planet, that is, water!

Project : Intense

Description : This particular logo represents the perfect vacation in peace, away from the chaos into the woods. The aim was to make harmony with the tagline - Come and Conquer the World.

Project : Amtra Moodie

Description : A simple yet captivating logo as promising and convincing as the services offered by this personal growth coach.

Project : Wellmetrix

Description : Statistics and graphs go hands in hands, right? A logo that could represent the brand name as well as the company's agenda of 'unprecedented insights into personal health' looks something like this!

Project : Nourish

Description : Nothing heals like nature does.The company provides you with wellness essentials that have the essence of ayurveda. The logo carries the two most important elements required for the nourishment of an individual, water and the plants!

Project : Lake Tahoe Balloons

Description : Hot air balloon seems to be a synonym for adventure. Here is an illustration for what heights a hot air balloon takes you to!

Project : Momo

Description : The job of a locksmith is one that requires utter perfection and that is what our logo aims to portray. A plain yet expressive logo for 'Momo Locksmith'.

Project : West Wind Harbour

Description : It is a group of independent households that is developing a cohousing project with a view of expansive water and the mountains. Does this logo in any way make you think otherwise?

Project : Community Foundation

Description : This foundation helps you select the type of fund that will best suit your charitable goals. It empowers ones generosity to be flexible. A tree is an epitome of generosity itself and therefore a perfect element for the logo!

Project : Sugar Tree Homes

Description : Sugar Tree Homes is responsible for providing their clients shelters at locations as exquisite as the designed logo.

Project : History In The Baking

Description : A name as attractive as this one deserved a logo as catchy. A classic logo keeping the theme of the company intact.

Project : FranchiseGuide

Description : The task of showing someone the right path is indeed one of much responsibility. The kind folks at Franchise Guide do just the same thing!

Project : Save the Drive

Description : Tired of memorizing complex routes? Worry no more with Save the Drive. Another simple but self sufficient logo.

Project : Glenkirk

Description : The kind people at Glenkirk provide support and services to the people with intellectual disabilities and are therefore, no less than knights. A bold logo representing the same vision of protecting the weak.

Project : Leaf & Petal

Description : The company manufactures the finest green tea with the goodness of leaves and petals. A classic yet beautiful monochrome logo for the brand.

Project : Teablets

Description : The company promises you tea as pure as the nature herself. Our designers came up with this creative blend of the two elements.

Project : Home Dynamics

Description : The company takes care of your house through quality services. Another self sufficient logo to portray the company’s agenda.

Project : 6 Steps

Description : An appealing logo to get along with the company’s programme of fat loss in just six steps.

Project : Unified Food Group

Description : An apt representation of the brand name and its agenda turned out to be like this. A plain yet creative illustration.

Project : Miraculous Living Method

Description : Someone once said, 'Butterflies are reminders that miracles happen everyday!' A better depiction of the theme of the company doesn’t seem to be possible.

Project : Nauti Hippie

Description : The following design created by our worthy designers was chosen as the best among hundreds of logo designs competing for the winning spot.

Project : Rocco’s Doughnut Company

Description : Yet another beautiful illustration that speaks for itself. In this logo, greyscale is enhancing the minute details of the figure.

Project :Magazine

Description : Another business kit beautifully crafted for a leading Magazine brand. This shade of red blends perfectly with the white to present a beautiful design.

Project :Business Kit

Description : This is another vibrant business kit that includes letterhead, visiting cards, and envelope designs. The color scheme was selected as per the client's preference.

Project :Immunity: A Novel

Description : A well designed book cover that leaves you intrigued. The cover meets all the requirements put forward by the client.

Project :The Woman Who Read Too Much

Description : An innovative graphic design going by the name of the book itself. The contrasting color scheme adds life to the design.

Project :High Yield Future Tense

Description : High Yield Future Tense is a book about finance. The clients wanted a simplistic yet attractive design and the results are here.

Project :Green

Description : As per the name suggests, Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is a book for pot smokers. The design for this book cover has a dark theme with an illustration of the herb.

Project :My Southern Journey

Description : My Southern Journey is a travelogue by Rick Bragg. The author wanted a design that is basic and yet an expressive one.

Project :Kaslokaipi 09

Description : An information brochure in accordance with all the company’s requirements with colors as vibrant as the services offered by the company.

Project :2015 Summer Brochure

Description : The scintillating blend of colors on the cover page add a charm to the bright background. This is exactly what the clients demanded.

Project :EPIC

Description : Another informative brochure for a company with all the details clearly mentioned. A vivid combination of fluorescent green and white give a unique appearance to the brochure.

Project :Painting Exhibition

Description : Another captivating design for an equally enthralling painting cum photography exhibition. Much like these artists, our work speaks for us.

Project :Business Kits

Description : Besides brochures and book covers, we have our designers trained at all sorts of designing including visiting cards, cases and covers etc. Just one of the business kits we’ve designed for our clients.

Project :GRIT

Description : Another business kit designed for GRIT. This one includes designs for a diary as well. A raw theme to go by the gym’s ideologies.


Description : A corporate looking brochure designed for a company that provides business solutions. The clients had all their demands taken care of.

Project :Cocoon House

Description : An attractive brochure for advertising a housing firm. The brochure was designed with beautiful illustrations while highlighting details of all the services being offered by the firm.

Project :12e 13st

Description : Yes! You guessed it right. We not only design book covers but booklets too. A basic yet captivating booklet designed for our client.

Project :Becca Eley

Description : Visiting cards, in a manner, are a reflection of you. You tell us your demands, we do the rest for you. A bold visiting card for our client.


Description : These colorful visiting cards with 3D patterns embossed onto them were designed as per our client’s wish.


Description : Besides conventional visiting cards, our expert designers have a number of creative ways to redesign them for you. This is one of those designed for Jenn David Design.

Project :Hannah Paramore

Description : A classic visiting card for the president of Paramore Digital. The perpetual combination of black and white with a tint of green has turned out to be pretty eye pleasing.

Project :SNASK

Description : Another beautifully designed visiting card. The metal finish on red gives the card an aesthetic appearance.


Description : One more black and white themed visiting card with the signatures of the owner embossed beautifully onto it.

Project :Whiskey Design

Description : A rather unusual color scheme for a visiting card for RAISE A RUCKUS makes it look unique and eye-catching!

Project :Zupan’s Market

Description : Another version of pamphlets designed for Zupan’s market with an entirely different color scheme.

Project :Tacoma Film Festival

Description : A classic pamphlet with a spooky color scheme for the Tacoma Film Festival 2013. The attractive font gives the pamphlet a unique look.

Project :Colorphonic Sounds

Description : The pamphlet for a color laden event had to be unique and beautiful. This color splash gives the event pamphlet an amazing appearance.

Project :Boxing Lessons

Description : Our clients demanded a simplistic pamphlet that put all their services at display. This basic yet expressive pamphlet was designed for a Boxing Academy.

Project :Electro LIVE

Description : This visually appealing pamphlet was designed for an International Theatre event. A unique design that satisfies all the client’s requirement.

Project :Saturday Night Live

Description : This hard bound cover is designed in accordance with the name of the project itself. The enchanting combination of pink and black is making it look bold and attractive.

Project :Bats of the Republic

Description : Another smartly designed illustration for a book cover. The mysterious looking font gives the cover a rather eerie look, as per the client’s requirement.

Project :Green Cross

Description : The clients wanted very basic letterhead and envelope designs for Green Cross publishing. At times it becomes challenging to maintain the simplicity and uniqueness of the design but our professionals have become masters at the task. See for yourself.


Description : Another business kit for our clients with letterheads, visiting cards and envelopes included. Hundreds of happy clients are proofs of the quality of our work.

Project :RESTORE

Description : This design for letterhead and envelope was proposed for Restore Furniture Restoration. A self explanatory logo for the firm adds charm to the designs.

Project :Gloss n Glass

Description : This website was designed for the makeup and hair academy ‘Gloss n Glass’. The website contains detailed information about the courses being offered by the academy and makeover related services. The clients wanted to keep the contact information in the highlight.

Project :Gentle Dental

Description : This is a website loaded with pictorial illustrations for all the services being offered by the dental firm including teeth cleaning, repair, whitening etc for user convenience. It supports the location widget for easy navigation to the physical office.

Project :ZEBON Copse Dental

Description : Here is a website for another dental firm. This website highlights the introduction to the firm and the team that runs it. Also, an easily spottable form to get in touch with the firm has been made available

Project :Aurora

Description : This website was designed for Aurora spa that offers world class services. It becomes quite challenging to come up with a website that supports a basic design and yet visually appeals to the target audience, giving them a virtual sneak peek into the premises.

Project :Dogal AVM

Description : We designed this website for an organic products manufacturer. The website displays all the products offered by the company clearly with a plain yet interactive user interface. Detailing of specific elements was done as per the client’s requirement.


Description : A dark themed visually appealing website for a spices supplier. The website has easily locatable buttons for all the necessary tasks and highlights the key features of the product being offered by the company.

Project :COMPASS

Description : Another pleasing website for Compass, a mediterranean bar restaurant. The website has a catalogue of all the items on the menu and a beautiful picture gallery. It has also got compact widgets for easy social media sharing.


Description : A corporate looking website for an investment banking firm. This website highlights the key services being offered by the company.

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