Six ways PPC can boost your promotions

If you have just launched a new product or service, you might need some extra promotion for that particular product/service. If this is the case with you, you should give a try to PPC. Following are some valuable PPC tips which you should use in order to get an extra boost.


Strategy of Sitelinks

Sitelinks add something extra to your normal ads. For example, if you are selling furniture and have organic ads about furniture, using siteline strategy you can put a little bit more about the products you have.

Remarketing Campaigns

Those advertisers who are afraid of remarketing are either using it completely wrong or do not have the proper understanding of it. Remarketing is one of the most useful techniques to supercharge your PPC strategy. If you haven’t tried the remarketing technique to your ads, you should do. Remarketing will only do a favor for your PPC campaign. A lot of PPC reseller afraid of using remarketing ads, but believe me you will get a lot of benefits like cheap clicks rate, higher conversion rates etc.

The conversion rate of ads with remarketing increases more rapidly and regularly than the one without remarketing. In this modern era, where everyone is busy it is very difficult to market ads again. But you should finish the campaign you have started on a high note. If you remarket your ads, chances are more people will do business with you.

Bing Ads

Due to cheap cost per click and less competition, Bing ads are very useful and popular. If you are going to advertise a new product, don’t hesitate to create Bing ad for that product. With the help of such ads, your product will come more often in SERP’s.

Follow Trends

This is the most important thing in the thirst of getting an extra boost for your product. Look into Google Analytics Search Queries, and observe which keywords have more searches. Then create your ads according to those keywords.

Video Ads

Nowadays, video ads are gaining more ground. According to a study, video ads will reach up to 21% annually till 2019. Video ads are generally more interactive and have cheaper click cost. So if you want to get some extra boost for your new product, go ahead and create video ad of that.

Analyze differentiators   

Your business will fall down very quickly if you do not have value to your services. Analyze what your competitors are offering and you are not. Add some extra services to your products. For example, provide free shipping, have good return policy etc. Offer something extra so that the customer bounds to your services only.


Through PPC channel you can easily get extra promotion and boost for your products. You can contact PPC outsourcing for this or you can also do it yourself with some extra effort. I hope that this guideline will prove helpful for your business and you will be able to get more boosts for your products and services.

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