When you surely Need to Hire Dedicated SEO Professional?


Many times, people think that SEO is not required and they don’t put any effort in hiring a dedicated SEO individual or agency. But, there are many situations when you must hire SEO professionals and only they can resolve your problems in those situations.

Businessman pointing at On line Marketing word for On line business concept
Businessman pointing at On line Marketing word for On line business concept

Five Areas Where you Need SEO Experts

When you Launch a New Website

Small redesigns of your website are not a major problem. But when you launch a new website or mess with categories, CMS, etc. of your website, it is a big deal. If taken for granted, it may obliterate your traffic. Here, only an expert SEO person can save you by doing following things: Provide SEO recommendations on early-stage design mockups or wireframes, crawl your website, Conduct development site reviews, Consult with developers on the use of Java, Conduct an inbound link analysis, optimize, create a 301 redirect map, Provide H1 recommendations, Monitor response codes post launch, content marketing and more.

When you are Starting with Digital Marketing

If you are new to digital marketing, SEO expert is your best friend. Today, SEO has got more complicated than it used to be. It is much more than just creating keyword friendly tags. You can easily hold basic SEO concepts, but what about optimizing robot.txt, integrating Google Analytics, integrating Google Webmaster tools, putting no-index tags in place and more? A dedicated SEO expert does everything for your website promotion.

When you are hit with a search engine penalty

Although many search engines are in a competitive race, but Google still rules the search world. So, it is important for website owners to adapt the change quickly. But, in case, you get penalized by the search engines, due to unethical or black hat SEO techniques, you need the help of an expert. You must know that tricks and tips are now considered black hat tactics of online marketing. Google demands organic results only. You must own quality content that is fresh and uniquely created. You don’t have to buy links, but earn links on the Internet. Here, only an expert can help you.

When Starting with a Content Marketing Campaign

All companies, regardless of their sizes, forms, approaches, niches, and industries, are engaged in powerful content marketing. But, in order to make your content marketing campaign successful, you have to integrate it properly into your SEO strategy. Although SEO and content marketing are different things, and for both, you have to hire different experts, but both must be integrated. A content marketing effort needs to target the correct keywords. Your content efforts should ensure that all technical SEO features are in place. For this, when you launch content marketing campaigns, you need to involve an SEO consult essentially.

When you are running a Local Business

Local SEO seems very easy initially, but it is really very complex due to fluctuating marketplace. Doing SEO is not enough, but doing right SEO is important in order to implement best practices. To do it right, you need enough time and effort. Here, the concept of hiring a dedicated SEO expert comes into the picture.  Local SEO experts have grown even more popular in recent years. With the mushrooming mobile searches, business could either sink or float depending on your local SEO efforts.

In these five situations, hiring a dedicated SEO expert is a must.


Today or tomorrow, you will feel needed to hire a dedicated SEO expert for your website promotion on search engines. Here are five situations, where the assistance of an SEO expert is a must.



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