Your Guide to Choosing the Best SEO Reseller Firm

The term “extended business” fills every business owner with excitement, and the same applies to people involved in web related business who can offer SEO services as a part of their business. Alternatively, if you are planning to set up an in-house SEO team, but keep in mind, starting something new from scratch can be complicated. You need long time, huge investment and resources. The best solution here is to hire SEO reseller firm.  Due to its perks, many businesses have adopted this idea. But, if you are a beginner, keep a few things in mind.

Why Use an SEO Reseller?

At the very first, ask yourself: why I need this program? You might not know the benefits or even if you need this program or not. Reselling programs are for those who have web related services on priority, but want to add SEO services just as a new revenue stream. You don’t have enough time, resources and money to handle it. Here, an SEO reseller firm offers you a cost-effective solution by offering white label services labeled with your logo and brand name.

Ask for Recommendations

If you are doubtful where to start, take recommendations. Speak to people who are running a similar business that you want to start. Ask for their opinions on various SEO resellers and get their advice. Alternatively, check forum and social media communities where you can exchange words with the experts, helping yourself.

Check Review Sites

Check review sites on the Internet to go directly to the best ranked reseller. Contact top ten service providers appearing in the list. Before you hire them, make sure you take a closer look into their profile.

Researching Companies

Once you have shortlisted a few firms, do in-depth research on them. Check their website, talk to their previous clients and pay attention to customer support services that they provide. Don’t forget to use sources outside their websites. Gather advices on them from third parties.

Ensuring the Best Results

If you are going to hire SEO reseller, remember that you will be responsible for everything, from the client’s point of view. It is important to assess if the service provider’s claims are genuine as well realistic or not. Check if their website ranks well or not on search engines. Do they have authoritative links on their website, etc.?

Assessing Offered Services

Next, check how they achieve the results and what services are they reputed for. Ask them what type of services they are going to the provider. They could offer backlinks, info-graphics, content, etc. Make sure that they provide quality services.

Local vs. National vs. Global

Another important thing to consider is choosing a local, national or international white label SEO provider. It depends on your target market: is it local, national or international. According to your requirements, make sure that they provide full services to promote your business in the target market.

Controlling Your Re seller Services

Once you hire the best SEO outsourcing agency, keep control over your account and services. A good reseller provides you an easy-to-use dashboard from where you can track the online activities and everything you want.

Dealing with Issues

Mistakes are human nature and even the best SEO resellers are human beings. But if something goes wrong, make sure that it gets fixed as soon as possible, but using effective customer support. That’s why it is important to check their response rate and customer support services before hiring them.

Hiring an SEO reseller must be a careful decision, but not a hasty one.


If you want to hire the best SEO reseller to leverage the program fully, it is important to take time, research and then select the right agency.

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