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Terms & Conditions

Your access to Web Designing Company and its services is subject to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t agree to these terms or even parts of it you shouldn’t use this website from hereon. The Terms and Conditions mentioned here are subject to change and any changes made shall be effective from the date mentioned on the top of the page. Your continued usage of the website and other services shall be deemed as acceptance of the new revisions in the Terms and Conditions. You are advised to regularly visit this page and stay updated with our latest Terms and Conditions.

General Terms

  • The client guarantees that they are the rightful owners of the business/institution for which the website is being designed and have copyright for logos, content, trademarks and other graphics used in designing.
  • They have exclusive rights to the domain or authorize Web Designing Company to book a preferred domain and pay for it upfront. They also understand the annual recurring cost of the domain.
  • Clients agree to buy hosting services from a reputable company to achieve desired services and uptime and understand the cost of hosting the website annually.
  • 50% fees of the project excluding fee for domain and hosting shall have to be paid prior to the start of the project and the rest shall be charged as per the contract. The company shall also charge clients for additional pages, functionalities and use of software that weren’t mentioned in the initial contract.
  • The client agrees not to engage any other professional or design agency or allows them to make alterations to the design and structure of the website.
  • Web Designing Company reserves the right to use client’s website, logo and wireframe for advertising initiatives. This may also include case studies of the project and link to the home page. Exceptions would be made only when there are specific instructions restricting use of their name from the client.

Changes to Website

Web Designing Company reserves the rights to -

  • Change the design of the website, graphics and other content that shall be considered necessary during the design stage.
  • The website can be removed either temporarily or permanently and Web Designing Company accepts no liability for direct or indirect losses suffered in the interim period.
  • The company isn’t liable to restore the site to the old design though under most circumstances a backup of the previous version would be taken.

Loss of Service

Web Designing Company doesn’t accept liability for any direct or indirect losses/damages suffered by the client due to loss of data, downtime, interruptions of services, and misuse of the equipment by any third-parties which shall be considered beyond the Company’s control. The Company doesn’t warrant the functionality of the website and doesn’t guarantee 100% error free environment and further accepts no responsibility on behalf of its hosting partners.

Disclosure of Information

Web Designing Company strictly protects the privacy of the clients and doesn’t disclose information without obtaining prior consent from the client. However as a law abiding company it shall make these disclosures when requested by the courts or law enforcement agencies.

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